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Setting Up Your Edge Tub

Detailed setup video can be found here. Step 1) Unbox your Chiller and Tub. Remove the Chiller and Tub from their shipping cartons, and remove the protective wrapping. We recommend keeping the Chiller box for future transportation needs. When choosin

Parts References

Accessories - Included with Edge Tub purchase. Carrying Backpack - The backpack is designed to carry your tub and components when needed. Hand Net - The net for catching debris on the surface and within the water in the tub. Measuring Cup - This is a

Control Panel References

1 - Power Button - Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the Chiller On or Off. 2 - Mode Button - Press and hold for 5 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature units. 3 - Setting Button - Press and hold for 1 second to change the t

Setting the Buckle Combination

The use of Buckle Combination Lock is recommended for all users, but especially for those with children in the household. The original code is preset to “00.”. To change or set:. Locate the pin in the side, depress the pin with a jeweler's screwdrive

Takedown and Drain Your Edge Tub

Detailed takedown video can be found here. Step 1) Turn the Chiller off. Turn the Chiller off by toggling the Power Switch on the back of the Chiller to the down “off” position. Step 2) Close the Valves. Turn the Tub Valve Fittings to the closed (per

Mobile App Operating Instructions

Download and install The Edge App from your mobile operating system’s app store by following this link: www.edgetheorylabs.com/app. Step 1:Ensure the device you are using is connected to the WiFi network that you wish to connect the Chiller to, and o

Recommended Accessory List

Below you will find some of our recommended accessories for the Edge Tub. Protection MatEdge Theory Labs. Electric Air Pump. Edge Theory Labs. Sump Pump. Amazon. Aqua Vacuum. Amazon. Garden Hose Adapter. Amazon. Breathable Tiles. Amazon.