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Parts ReferencesUpdated a year ago

Accessories - Included with Edge Tub purchase.

Carrying Backpack - The backpack is designed to carry your tub and components when needed.

Hand Net - The net for catching debris on the surface and within the water in the tub. 

Measuring Cup - This is a 30cc measuring cup to use for sanitizer and oxidizer dosing.

Oxidizer - This Sirona Simply Oxidizer is part of the water maintenance protocol for the water in the tub. Refer to the maintenance instructions for proper use.

Sanitizer - The Sirona Simply Sanitizer is part of the water maintenance protocol for the water in the tub. Refer to the maintenance instructions for proper use. 

Test Strips - The Sirona Simply Test Strips are part of the water maintenance protocol for the water in the tub. Refer to the maintenance instructions for proper use.

Tub Patch Kit - The patch for repairing any punctures causing an air leak in the tub. 

Chiller - The main unit which chills/heats, circulates, and filters the water.

Chiller Drain - The drain with a cap at the middle bottom on the rear of the chiller. This is meant to be opened to allow the machine to drain water out when the Chiller is being moved or packaged. 

Chiller Fitting Cap - The protective caps that thread on the Chiller Inlet and Outlet ports. 

Chiller Hoses - The flexible hoses are used to flow water from the Edge Tub to the Chiller.

Hose Connection Fittings - The fittings on the end of each hose. They connect the Chiller Hoses to the Chiller Inlet/Outlet and Tub Valve Fittings. 

Hose O-Rings: The o-rings in the hose connections. These are vital for water-tight and air-tight connections with the Chiller Hoses and Tub or Chiller. 

Chiller Inlet (Red) - The connection on the chiller, which incoming water enters through. This is marked with a red ring.

Chiller Outlet (Green) - The connection on the chiller, which outgoing water leaves through. This is marked with a green ring.

Control Panel - The visual readout includes Tub Temperature, Set Point, and the Control Buttons (detailed in Control Panel References).

Double Action Air Pump - The air pump inflates and deflates the Edge Tub.

Inflation Hose - The hose used with the Double Action Air Pump to inflate and deflate the Edge Tub.

External Water Strainer - The assembly of parts that are used to prevent any debris from entering the Chiller. It connects to the Chiller Inlet (red) and is made up of the Water Strainer Cover, Strainer O-Ring, and Inner Water Strainer.

Inner Water Strainer - The cylindrical mesh element that attaches to the Chiller Inlet (red).

Strainer O-Ring - The o-ring at the base of the External Water Strainer connection (red) on the Chiller.

Water Strainer Cover - The metal cover that will screw on the Chiller Inlet (red) over the Inner Water Strainer.

Inflation Valve - The port used to inflate the Edge Tub with the Double Action Air Pump. Includes the Inflation Valve Cap, and Inflation Valve Pin.

Inflation Valve Cap - The cap that covers and protects the inflation valve on the tub.

Inflation Valve Pin - The spring-loaded component of the Inflation Valve that is exposed when the Inflation Valve Cap is removed.

Power Plug - The plug that connects to a power source.

Power Switch - The power switch that toggles the Chiller power on/off.

Storage Strap - The strap for securing the tub when deflated.

Tub - The inflatable tub.

Tub Cover - The lockable cover for your tub.

Locking  Buckles - The locking buckles on the tub cover that fasten and lock the cover to the tub when not in use.

Tub Fitting - The male connection is permanently installed on the Tub Water In (green) and Water Out (red) fittings.

Tub Valve Fitting - The connection elbow/valve that connects the Tub Fittings to the Chiller Hoses running from the chiller. The parts of the Tub Valve Fitting are the Threaded Collar, Elbow, and Valve. 

Elbow - The 90-degree section of pipe connecting the Connection Ring and the Valve.

Threaded Collar - The female rotating threaded component on the Tub Valve Fitting that connects to the Tub Fitting.

Valve - The stainless steel valve that controls water flow. 

Water Filter Housing - The assembly which houses the Water Filter. Includes the Upper Water Filter Housing and Lower Water Filter Housing.

Filter Housing O-ring - The filter housing o-ring is located in the Upper Water Filter Housing and is used to create an air-tight connection between the Lower and Upper Water Filter Housings. 

Filter Housing Wrench - The wrench is designed to be used when the Lower Water Filter Housing is too tight to loosen by hand. Do not use the wrench to tighten the filter housing when setting up or changing the filter. 

Lower Water Filter Housing - The filter housing which holds the water filter and connects to the back of the chiller (lower clear part).

Upper Water Filter Housing - The water filter housing connection point (upper white part) on the rear of the chiller. 

Water Filter - The water filter is used to filter debris from the water running through the chiller. This is placed into the Lower Water Filter Housing.

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