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Weekly Water Maintenance ProtocolUpdated a year ago

Detailed maintenance video can be found here.

Initial Setup (new water)

  • Add 60cc (2 Measuring Cups) of Oxidizer into the water

  • Wait 15 minutes

  • Add 15cc (1/2 Measuring Cup) of Sanitizer into the water

  • Wait 15 minutes before entry into Tub

Weekly Maintenance

SUMMARY: There are 3 simple steps for weekly maintenance that take about 15 minutes in total to ensure that your Tub is running properly and the water is clean and clear. The first step is checking the water chemistry, then the External Water Strainer, then the Water Filter.

STEP 1) Check Water Chemistry

  • Start by adding 30cc (1 Measuring Cup) of Oxidizer for low volume (five to seven plunges per week) or 60cc (2 Measuring Cups) for high volume (greater than seven plunges per week).

  • Wait 15 minutes.

  • Immerse Test Strip to a depth of 6” for 2 seconds. Remove with pads face up. Shake once to remove excess water. Wait 10 seconds and compare the “San” line to the color chart on the back of the bottle. If Sanitizer shows below the “OK” range, add 10cc (1/3 Measuring Cup). Wait 15 minutes and test again. Repeat the test and add more Sanitizer if necessary.

  • If Alkalinity, pH, or Calcium are outside of the desired range, balancers can be purchased through our website. Of these, pH is most important to have in the right range. 

STEP 2) Check the External Water Strainer 

  • Turn off Chiller, and close the Tub Valves by turning the valve handle perpendicular to the valve body.

  • Remove the bottom red “Inlet” Chiller Hose from the Chiller. Remove Water Strainer Cover by twisting counterclockwise and check Inner Water Strainer for debris; remove any foreign materials present. Use a brillo pad or rough sponge if necessary. Check the Strainer O-ring at the base of the threads is present and free from damage before reinstalling Water Strainer Cover

STEP 3) Check the Water Filter

  • To access the Water Filter, turn the Lower Water Filter Housing to the left if facing the back of the Chiller. Check the Water Filter condition by comparing to the diagram below. If the condition is in the “Replace” range, or if the flow reading on the Control Panel reads less than 13.0 L/min, then replace the filter with a new one. When changing the filter, empty the Lower Water Filter Housing fully and refill up to the top with fresh water.

  • Ensure the Filter Housing O-ring in the Upper Water Filter Housing (white part) is present and free from damage before reinstalling the filter housing.

  • Be sure to open the Tub Valves before turning the Chiller back on, or damage will occur!

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