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Decontamination ProcedureUpdated 10 months ago

If your tub is experiencing pink or red deposits on the tub walls, in the water filter, water strainer; or if you experience a musty odor coming from the tub, it is possible that there is a bacterial contamination of the tub and chiller that must be addressed. The origin is common airborne bacteria, which thrive in damp environments. These can be easily remedied with the following decontamination procedure. 

  1. Drain the Tub and Chiller completely - leave no water in the machine, hoses, or bottom of the tub

  2. Throw away any water filters that were previously used, and throw away or disinfect any accessories that you may be using in the tub (such as a cushion or floating thermometer)

  3. Dry the tub with a towel (note that some residue may transfer, so an old towel is recommended).

  4. Disconnect the hoses from the tub, but leave attached to the chiller. Using a 5 gallon bucket or similar sized large container, fill about halfway with water and add in 2.5 measuring scoops (2.5 fluid ounces) of bleach per gallon of water. Drop the end of the hoses into the bucket ensuring that they aren’t touching the bottom or the machine may not prime properly.

  5. Turn on the chiller and set it to 65*F. Allow to run for 30 minutes. No filter is required to be in the filter housing during this step.

  6. While the chiller is decontaminating, wipe down the tub using a bleach-based disinfecting spray such as Lysol or Clorox in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. You can use paper towels or an old rag for this step as the spray will discolor fabrics. Be sure to wipe down the sides, bottom, inside of the cover, top of the tub walls, and the seam where the bottom of the tub meets the tub wall. Spray some disinfectant into the tub inlet/out ports. Wipe away any remaining disinfecting spray and allow to air dry.

  7. Ideally, it is best to allow the tub to air dry for several hours in direct sunlight.

  8. Once the steps above are complete, the chiller and tub may be hooked back up and filled with water. Be sure to immediately perform the initial water maintenance steps per the instructions found here

In addition to the steps above, it is recommended to also clean and disinfect the area surrounding the tub to prevent any bacteria from being reintroduced into the tub. This would include washing any step-off mats that might be in the area that could be harboring bacteria. 

This problem can be prevented in the future by keeping up with the maintenance procedure (though this itself does not eliminate all cases), keeping the area around the tub cleaned regularly, and changing the water in the tub on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance!

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