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Edge Tub Maintenance

Weekly Water Maintenance Protocol

Detailed maintenance video can be found here. Initial Setup (new water). Add 60cc (2 Measuring Cups) of Oxidizer into the water. Wait 15 minutes. Add 15cc (1/2 Measuring Cup) of Sanitizer into the water. Wait 15 minutes before entry into Tub. Weekly

Decontamination Procedure

If your tub is experiencing pink or red deposits on the tub walls, in the water filter, water strainer; or if you experience a musty odor coming from the tub, it is possible that there is a bacterial contamination of the tub and chiller that must be

Deep Cleaning Your Tub

Every 3-6 Months it is recommended to deep clean you tub. The steps below will guide you through a deep clean of your Edge Tub. Drain the Tub and Chiller completely - leave no water in the machine, hoses, or bottom of the tub. Throw away any water fi